Homalco Chief & Council

pek yet’s quiye gun

About the Council

Homalco First Nation (HFN) is served by a Chief and Council elected every four years through a custom election code. Even though this system is different from our traditional ways, our leaders are guided by the same values that sustained our ancestors. Their conduct is guided by the Homalco Nation Oath of Office and work is guided by the Comprehensive Community Plan, which is developed through an active community engagement process.

Chief and Council work to support healing, development, self-determination, self-actualization and good governance. They work to establish organizations that maintain Homalco’s connection and responsibility to our culture, lands and resources. They are guided by HFN beliefs:

  • pek yet’s quiye gun (having humility firstly, followed by prayers for family, then self)
  • naut’sa mawt (we are all one and interconnected)

Meet our Chief and Council

Robert Harry Sr.


Robert is a proud Homalco member and he looks forward to prosperity, cooperation and economic development, sustainable for future generations. Roberts previous experience lends well to his current goals being in leadership. Robert proudly represents and serves his nation.

Jamie Wilson


Darren Blaney


Chief Darren Blaney is serving his fourth term as Chief and has been an elected official since 2003. Darren is a father, husband and an artist who is proud to be Homalco. He believes strongly in the healing, resilience and bright future for Homalco people. As Chief, he is focused on sound financial management, economic development, accountability and building relationships.

Preston Joseph


Preston Joseph is serving his first term on Homalco Council. As a dedicated father and grandfather Preston believes in a healthy, sober lifestyle. He is an advocate for strong engagement and involvement with off-reserve members and has organized the Homalco Christmas party in Vancouver for the past 5 years. Preston was part of the crew that started the Salmon Hatchery in Orford and helped to build the Homalco Band Office and Cultural Center.

Alison Trenholm


Councillor Alison Trenholm has 31 years of experience working with First Nation and Aboriginal organizations. She is committed to community service, community development and creating opportunities for her people today and for future generations. She recently began the most important role of her life: Chi Chia (grandmother) to a precious granddaughter.

Purpose of Council

Chief and Council are responsible for leading HFN through the ongoing development, implementation, and monitoring of culturally relevant laws and policies. They work to fulfill the HFN vision, protect Aboriginal rights and title, and safeguard all HFN assets for the benefit of all members (on and off reserve).

Our Oath of Office

Homalco Chief and Council are guided by a seven point Oath of Office. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Chief and Council, download our Governance Policy Manual.

  1. Do my best to carry out my responsibilities respectfully, efficiently, and effectively according to HFN values and beliefs (e.g. pek yet’s quiye gun, and naut’sa mawt); 
  2.  Work with Councillors, HFN employees and members in a positive, problem-solving and collaborative manner; 
  3. Remember that my primary duty is to serve the best interests of members and future generations; 
  4. Adhere to, and support the policies, values, and decisions of HFN Council, including conducting myself at all times in a manner that will bring credit to the HFN; 
  5. Continually work towards self-improvement and development through self-evaluation, traditional teachings, and the current educational system; 
  6. Act as a community development resource and political guide for all members to help advance and resolve issues; and 
  7. Respect the decisions of HFN Council and members if I do not uphold and fulfil my responsibilities.