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Homalco First Nation 1218 Bute Cres Campbell River, B.C. V9H 1G5

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Staff Directory

Alexandra Cooper-Garay

GIS Coordinator

Alison Trenholm

Lands and Governance Director

Andrea Paul

Finance Assistant/IRA

Brenda Murray

Education Coordinator

Charity Perrault

Youth Worker

Chelsey Boyd

Elder Worker

Effrey Webber

Administrative Receptionist

Ella Paul

Lands Tech

Fay Blaney

?E?JEHMATHOTE Coordinator

First Nations Health Benefits

General Inquiries

Janine Paul

Housing Assistant

Jeannie Hill

Comprehensive Community Planner

Jennifer Harry

First Voices Technician

Joanna Dobson


John Blaney

Patient Transporter

John Lewis


Kristen Broadfoot

Research and Referrals

Lisa Paul

Maternal Child Health

Marilyn Harry

Language Coordinator

Merissa Harry


Michael Pedersen

General Manager

Molly Dawson

Social Development Worker

Rachelle Loos

Title & Rights Coordinator

Ruth Roe

Community Health Nurse

Shaylene Harry

Health Director

Shelby Uzzell

Community Health Nurse

Tomer Gerts

Emergency Program Coordinator