Homalco FireSmart Program

Climate change is real and now. There is no longer a normal weather pattern, but we know that weather events will be more extreme and more frequent. Fire is a natural component of the forests surrounding Homalco, and in the future, its presence and impacts will only be more strongly felt by the community. Excluding fire is not an option, but how can we live with fire without disastrous loss of life, property, and resources?

FireSmart means living with and managing for wildfire. Preparing for the threat of wildfire is a shared responsibility. Community members, community leaders, and all levels of government have a responsibility to lessen the effects of wildfire.

This short video introduces our FireSmart program.

The Homalco Emergency Preparedness program has identified several ways to reduce household fire risk:

  • Inspection of fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fireplace maintenance including sweeping
  • Removing combustibles surrounding homes, removing hazardous fuels within home priority zones, removing dead and down woody debris, prune and thin coniferous trees, removing broom along road right-of-ways, and stacking firewood or wooden building materials a minimum of 10m away from any structure

Key Contacts

Ella Paul

Lands Tech

250-923-4979 ext. 0615