Homalco vision, mission and directives

One Heart, One Village, One Nation

Homalco is working towards being a united, culturally grounded, proud, wealthy and healthy Nation. We want to make this a reality by supporting each other. We can support each other in the areas of healing, development, self-determination, self-actualization, self-sufficiency and good governance. We also need capable organizations that maintain our connection and responsibility to our culture, lands, and resources. 

Our Vision

Paya ʔišnomot χwɛmaɬku
Homalco is a generous, proud nation.

Qat̓ θɛtštams pap̓ ɛm
That works together in a healthy supportive way.

Maʔəm štəm ʔɛɬtans qaymixw ʔi:na yiqaš təms gigi
By sustainably accessing our traditional foods and lands.

ƛas ƛasəm ʔəms qwayigən
We are empowered mentally and spiritually.

Ti:sxwɩs ʔəms ʔukwgɛtəs
With respect and equality for all.

Our Mission

To be a strong community living on our lands and grounded in our culture as we work towards the future.

Our Values

These values have been passed down to us through generations. We breathe life into them and aim to uphold them in all that we do.

  • Respect
    We hold respect for ideas, people, culture, family, each other’s time, in all we do, through self-care, patience, and kindness. We also respect our lands and resources. 
  • Trust
    We build trust with one another as a team by listening, understanding and responding, and knowing that people are inherently good. 
  • Transparent
    We ensure an open decision-making process, and opportunities to express ourselves. 
  • Community focused
    We remember that every decision is for the future of the people. 
  • Effective
    We establish and adhere to Homalco Nation policies and procedures. 
  • Collaborative
    We acknowledge differences, but work as a team. 
  • Accountable
    We are accountable to one another, staff and community. 

Our Directives

We are guided by seven key directives. They help steer us in the right direction.

Directive #1: Ground our work in culture, language, and traditions

We are grounded in Homalco culture, language, and traditions. These teachings guide our work in all that we do.

Directive #2: Strengthen connections to the land and water

Who we are as Homalco people, is strengthened by our connection to our Lands, Air, Water and Resources. We honour this connection by protecting these sacred resources for future generations and by creating opportunities for our members to access our lands and resources, strengthening this connection.

Directive #3: Community-driven

Our work is community-driven. Our relationship with one another and community is important to reaching our goals, our hopes and dreams for Homalco. We recognize that we are stronger together, as we walk towards a bright future.

Directive #4: Work together as one united community

Homalco is a united community that works together as a whole; with honor and respect for one another, even when we disagree.

Directive #5: Support and care for one another in an ongoing healing way

We support one another with care and respect, on our journey towards health and well-being for all generations to come.

Directive #6: Be transparent and accountable

Homalco governance is transparent and accountable through consistent and regular communication with all members.

Directive #7: Honor the past in our work towards a self-sufficient future

As we walk towards a self-sufficient future, we honour our history, and our past, understanding that colonization continues to have a detrimental effect on our community. We support healing for our members, strengthening our connection to language, culture and traditions.