Respect, sustainability and growth

Homalco’s vision for resources is to provide integrated management for our core area of Bute Inlet. We manage the land in a respectful way that provides for the sustainable growth of all resources. 

Forestry Department

The Homalco Forestry Department manages forestry resources for both the community and commercial interests. The Department manages the community forest, woodcutting permits, and implements the Community Forest Plan, among other things. Revenue from the Forestry Department contributes to initiatives that benefit the community. 

Homalco Forestry LP

Homalco Forestry LP (HFLP) was established in 2011 to provide forest management and timber harvesting services within our territory. HFLP is wholly owned by the Homalco First Nation and is managed by a board of directors under the guidance of Chief Darren Blaney.

HFLP employs an office staff of two people and a 24-person crew that works in various locations throughout Homalco territory. HFLP offers a safe working environment with high safety standards. We also offer competitive wages and benefits to our employees. We continually upgrade our equipment and provide excellent camp facilities with room and board.

HLFP provides services to major forest product companies such as Interfor, TimberWest and A&A Trading Ltd. and produces 160,000 – 200,000 m3 annually.  We have purchased substantial heavy-duty logging and marine equipment to be able to provide these services.

HFLP provides an opportunity for Homalco to have an active role in forestry within our traditional territory.  This involves the protection and management of the land base, fish and wildlife, water quality and cultural resources.  With the advice of the Homalco community, HFLP integrates these environmental values to provide a holistic and sustainable planning framework.  By participating in the forest industry HFLP is able to provide forest management expertise to build capacity and to help ensure that forest resources are developed sustainably for present and future generations of Homalco people.

HFLP’s long-term goals are to continue to grow our business and provide jobs, training and revenue for our community and band members.  These goals include the development of an Integrated Resource management strategy and plan where HFLP will co-manage the forest resources in our core territory to provide Homalco with sustainable economic and social development for present and future generations of our people.

HFLP services include:

  • Stump to dump logging
  • Hoe chucking, skidding, grapple yarding, mechanical processing and falling,  hand falling and sorting and booming
  • Stumping/clearing
  • Road deactivation
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Logging road construction
  • Camp catering
  • Project management
  • Silviculture


Covid-19 down time April 5, 2020 – May 5, 2020

  • Call Inlet project completed total m3 = 75,662 m3 scaled (Interfor) (planned est. 66,000 m3)
  • Homathko River Conventional Project completed. Estimated total boomed m3 = 49,650 m3  scaling still in progress (planned est. 54,000 m3)
  • Southgate 579 – Falling/Yarding/Processing in progress Estimated total m3 = 17,000 m3
  • Call Inlet 20/21 – Estimated 58,000 m3