Homalco employment and training

Helping people find opportunities

We aim to give Homalco individuals and families more employment and training opportunities. A strong educational foundation is important, as well as knowledge and skills training. The Homalco Nation especially works to support training for jobs at Homalco Tours, the Orford Fish Hatchery, and Homalco Forestry LP. 

We know that our community members already have lots of skills and education. That’s why it’s also important to have the proper paperwork to ensure that people are hired for the kind of work they are trained to do.

Here are just some of the employment and training projects we are working on:

  • Skills training
  • Hiring community members to work in community and in our territory
  • Securing funding to hire a full-time employment worker
  • Offering job-seeking workshops (resume, cover letter)
  • Informing community members about programs 

Key Contacts

Alison Trenholm

Lands and Governance Director

250-923-4979 ext. 0612