Homalco governance

Transparent, accountable

The Homalco First Nation (HFN) government is composed of an elected Chief and four Council members and the Nation’s workforce. Our governance is grounded in the principles of pek yet’s quiye gun (having humility firstly, followed by prayers for family, then self) and naut’sa mawt (we are all one and interconnected).

Your Chief & Council

Meet the people who are serving Homalco in government. Find out more about what guides their decision-making process and values.

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Role of Governance

The job of Chief and Council is to serve the people. Their work is separate from the day-to-day tasks of the administrative staff. Find out more about that important separation, as well as member rights, here.

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Community Plans

Read our 2020 Draft Comprehensive Community Plan developed with the guidance of our Elders. We are grateful for the wisdom they have shared. Find out more about the 2020 Draft Comprehensive Community Plan here.

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Law and Policy

Homalco First Nation is governed by a suite of laws and policies including Land Code, an Election Code and Governance Manual, read more here.

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