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HFN Comprehensive Community Plan Call for Nominations 2016


Xwemalhkwu Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) Update

Jun 28, 2016



The Xwemalhkwu CCP Team and HFN Leadership is excited to announce that the Xwemalhkwu CCP was successful in receiving funding from the New Relationship Trust for the coming fiscal year. 


The Xwemalhkwu CCP Team met on Jun 24, 2016 to update the Team Terms of Reference, review CCP Best Practices and develop a work plan for the coming year.   The CCP Team is made up of family representatives from the following families: Blaney, Joseph, Hackett, Hanson, Paul, Wilson, and we are looking for representatives from the Francis and Leo families.


The Xwemalhkwu CCP Team is also excited to announce that we will have summer students joining our team and benefitting from extensive training.  Their training will start on July 4 and as early as July 6th these young leaders will be working with the CCP Champion, Coordinators, and technical support to visit members’ homes to find out what your interests and needs are.  Our goal is to reach every single HFN member (living at home and away from home) before Christmas.  This includes meetings in Orford, at the Cultural Camp, in Vancouver, in Sliammon and through on-line survey’s for members living away from home.  What we hear from you will become the HFN strategic plan (2016-2020). 


Your voice is important and we need you to be a part of this important work for the benefit of future generations. 


Emote –Homalco CCP Team                











If You Are Wanting To Make Xwemalhkwu (Homalco) A Better Place To Live For Yourself, Your Family, And Future Generations Join



Homalco First Nation Comprehensive Community Planning

Team Call for Nominations


Posting Date:

Updated Jun 15, 2016

Time Requirement:

One Day Monthly Meetings (until Mar 31, 2017)


Jun 2016 – Mar 2017




The Homalco First Nation (HFN) has initiated a Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) process, which is a holistic planning process that enables the community to build a roadmap to sustainability, self-sufficiency and develop organizational capacity (administration, governance, economic development and other community organizations).


This process revitalizes traditional systems of governance and decision-making where the community guides the process, rather than a small group or committee.  The primary purpose of the Xwemalhkwu Community Planning Team is to support and guide the development of the CCP. This call for nominations is to identify interested CCP Team members. 


Team Members:


The CCP Planning Team is intended to ensure that all traditional HFN families are represented on the team.  The Team is seeking family heads of all ages (especially youth[1] and young adults) from the following Homalco families:

Francis;                              Wilson;                         Blaney;

Leo;                                    Hanson; and                 Paul.


If the above listing of families does not include your family accurately please submit the form with your chosen family name and representative.


All family representatives will receive a laptop with all required software for their use during the term of their participation on the team.  Recommended skills and competencies for the team include, but are not limited to:

  • Some computer skills (e.g. word, email);
  • Good speaking skills and ability to work in teams;
  • Good role model;
  • Some knowledge of Homalco traditions and culture, or an interest to learn; and
  • Interest in learning community planning research and development.


Members are not required to have these skills individually, however the goal is to have the team collectively possess these skills.





Team members will be working on the CCP Team until Mar 31, 2017, with strong potential for funding renewal in 2017/18.




The CCP planning team’s broad role is to:

  • Support and guide the development of the HFN CCP; and
  • Make recommendations to Chief and Council on projects, policies, and procedures that support the effective pre-planning, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the HFN CCP.




The Xwemalhkwu CCP Team is responsible to complete the following tasks, with the support of technical assistance, and the CCP Coordinator to:

  • Develop an annual work plan and lead the CCP planning process;
  • Review and provide feedback on the development of HFN managers/staff and member engagement planning and materials (e.g. PPT, survey);
  • Assist with family and community meetings, and tasks related to gathering member feedback, as required;
  • Participate, complete, and apply training to identified areas of training, related to the Xwemalhkwu CCP;
  • Participate in meetings to review and interpret community feedback,, based upon member communication preferences;
  • Review, approve in principle, and share the final CCP Phase II report;
  • Develop a 2017/18 Work Plan; and
  • Develop a funding proposal for the NRT to complete CCP Planning in 2017/18.




The Team members will be reimbursed with an honoraria for each meeting, and a letter of appreciation at the completion of the CCP that may be used to strengthen members resume’s and future work.




In carrying out its work, the CCP planning team is accountable to Chief and Council.


Staff Resources


The planning team will be supported by:

  • Alison Trenholm, Project Manager/CCP Champion,
  • TBD, CCP Coordinator, and
  • HFN Administrative Staff, as determined by Council.


Technical support will be provided by:

  • Laara Mixon, Carden Consulting, and
  • Technical consultants, as determined by Council.


Vacant Positions


Chief and Council is seeking nominations to ensure representation of all family groupings of the HFN in the HFN territory and those living away from home.



Time Commitment


CCP Planning Team meetings will be one full day in duration and will occur on a monthly basis, depending on the phase of the CCP and in accordance with planning team’s identified tasks and priorities.




Any new planning team members will be oriented with the CCP Team Terms of Reference, and past CCP Team work and activities if applicable.


Nomination Process


Expressions of Interest will continue to be requested until the Team and it’s members feel confident that the HFN families and community are fully represented.  All expressions of interest should be submitted directly to:


Laara Mixon, Carden Consulting

Email: laara [at] cardenconsulting [dot] com  

Ph: (604) 988-9500


Please note that the next Xwemalhkwu Comprehensive Community Planning Team meeting will be on: June 24, 2016 10:00am – 2:00pm;


If you have any questions, please contact Laara or Alison Trenholm, CCP Champion, Ph: 250-923-4979, or Email: Alison [dot] trenholm [at] homalco [dot] com




Appendix A:


Xwemalhkwu Family Representative Application


First Name:



Last Name:


Street Address:






Postal Code:










Families you represent (by last name):


Do you have any special health concerns that the Team should know about to ensure your safety?



Code of Conduct:

Xwemalhkwu CCP Team Members hold a position of trust, and as such agree to:

  • Act as a role model;
  • Meet with my family, extended family and participate in community meetings to understand and document member goals and priorities;
  • Attend and participate fully in all team member meeting, openly share ideas, and contribute to problem-solving;
  • Respect the rights of others to be heard and listen attentively;
  • Interact with other family representatives, staff, leaders, and outside facilitators in a fair, open, honest, and respectful manner;
  • Deal with issues, not personalities, consistent with HFN traditional practice; and
  • Uphold and respect the collective decisions made, consistent with HFN traditional practice.


I understand and agree to act as a family representative for the HFN and my family, and to conduct myself according to the terms outlined in the code of conduct. 


Family Name:__________________________________________________________


Name of Applicant: ______________________________________________________




Date: _________________________________________________________________


[1] This potentially includes youth in grade 12 where volunteer hours can support graduation, and youth who are in post-secondary whose studies can be supplemented through understanding/ developing community-planning skills.