Homalco Businesses

A sustainable, value-based economy

We are proud of the thriving businesses our Nation has worked towards. Today, Homalco businesses include The Raven, Homalco Tours, the Orford Fish Hatchery and Homalco Forestry LP. While these industries are successful and growing, community members are interested in exploring the feasibility of more economic development projects, especially on Homalco reserve lands. This will help us achieve self-sufficiency by providing jobs for our community members and generating income for our nation. Most importantly, our economic development initiatives must reflect our values as Homalco people.

The Raven 100.7

The Raven features a mix of new country and classic country music, as well as Homalco/K'ómoks/Tla'amin culture and language programming.

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Homalco Tours

Homalco Tours strives to be a leader in Indigenous tourism by using Homalco values to enrich the lives of members and guests. They deliver sustainable and award-winning cultural, wildlife and nature experiences with an authentic Indigenous perspective while growing opportunities for Homalco members.

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Homalco Forestry LP

Established in 2011, Homalco Forestry LP (HFLP) provides forest management and timber harvesting services in Homalco territory. HFLP is wholly owned by the Homalco First Nation and is managed by a board of directors.

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Orford Hatchery

The Orford Fish Hatchery is located in Orford Bay in Bute Inlet. It was established 1992 and is located in an old logging camp site. The Hatchery was originally a small operation that allowed the Nation to provide training and employment opportunities. It quickly grew to a larger operation that can support up to 3.5 million chum fry each year.

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