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Homalco Council Updates



A big thanks to all the Homalco Members who took the time and who were part of the” ITA Lands” meetings held in Vancouver-Powell River and Campbell River.

Homalco Chief and Council want all band members to know how important our Traditional lands are and to let us all know the events taking place within them, the ITA meetings provided and equal opportunity for those with questions regarding this matter, and was an opportunity for membership to obtain information regarding our lands.

Most importantly, Homalco has been waiting some time now to obtain small parcels of land prior to signing a Final Agreement Treaty. The lands given to Homalco would be a significant source of income within the Homalco Forestry sector, which would have provided jobs in the future for Homalco.

The Lands selected by Homalco had been part of an IT Agreement which as been negotiated for many years and were finally approved and signed by the government in late September 2014.

Unfortunately for Homalco the lands selected have been recognized by other nations as “their” traditional territory. It is up to Homalco People to come together and recognize this problem and to prove Homalco’s existence within these lands historically.


 We Homalco people have a strong History within these areas and much of that is compiled in the Report that was prepared for the Homalco First Nation in October 2014. Called “Homalco Rights and Title Interests”, this book of historical information has very significant context but Homalco Chief and Council strongly encourage all Homalco members to share their stories and historical information that directly relate to these lands and areas which Homalco is entitled to.

With this argument between our surrounding nations it is unsure when the matter will go to court, when it does we will have to stand firm in our beliefs and act as one to help resolve this unfortunate matter, With the title to our lands we can move forward with our Forestry endeavors and continue its success for our Homalco people.


If you or any other members wish to share any stories and information please feel free to Call the Homalco Band Office