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Homalco Treaty

Any questions regarding the Homalco Treaty Process please contact the following email links or call Toll Free  1-800-288-0806 ask for Todd Peacey


Homalco Treaty Team

Mary ann Enevoldsen - m [dot] enevoldsen [at] homalco [dot] com

Darren Blaney -  darren [dot] blaney [at] homalco [dot] com

Alison Trenholm  - alison [dot] trenholm [at] homalco [dot] com

Curtis Blaney -  curtis [dot] blaney [at] outlook [dot] com

Dorothy Paul -  dorothy [dot] paul [at] homalco [dot] com


Todd Peacey (Communicatons)

todd [dot] peacey [at] homalco [dot] com