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Homalco Council Policies & Bylaws

Homalco First Nation Community By-Laws


18.0   -    Animals


18.1 /No person shall keep or harbour any animal which disturbs or tends to disturb the peace,quiet,rest,enjoyment,comfort or convenience of others in the vicinity by its repeated making of noise,dirt,damage or other disturbance.


16.0 – Noise


16.1/ Between 11:00 in the evening and 7:00 the following morning,no person shall make,cause or permit any noise or sounds which disturb or tend to disturb the quiet, peace,rest,enjoyment,comfort or convenience of others in the vicinity,with the following exceptions:

      I.          Repairs or maintenance being carried out by employees or contractors of the band Council, the District of Campbell River,the Ministry of Highways or other public utility which is duly authorized by the Band Council to complete such repairs or maintenance .

    II.          Any duly authorized person operating an emergency vehicle.

  III.          Any person functioning within the limits set out in a permit issued by the Bnad Council from time to time,

 IV.          Snow clearing provided that is done as soon as is practicable.